The first thing to remember with regards to your relationship with time is that you are in control. Time doesn't change. All you can actually manage is yourself and what you do with the time that you have. Managing time isn’t about squeezing as many tasks into your day as possible. It’s about simplifying, becoming more efficient and making space for people, passion and relaxation.

 So what does this look like?


Find out where you're wasting time.

Is it browsing through social media feeds, 'net surfing, reading email, a Netflix addiction? Take a week and plot out what you do every day. Be honest. Write it down. It's difficult to make intelligent decisions about using your time more effectively if you don't know what you're doing with your time today.


Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.

I’m not sure if I mentioned priorities? This is the golden rule of time management.

Each day, identify the two or three tasks that are the most crucialto complete, and do those first. These are your non negotiables.

This can be a deadline for a work related project, getting in your exercise and even grabbing a coffee with a friend that you haven’t seen for a while. Each has importance based on what your priorities are. Stay on track. Nothing else should exist until they are annihilated. 


Learn to say “no”.

Don’t take on more than you can handle. Why would you set yourself for being mediocre when you can be exceptional? Your objective should be to take on only those commitments that you know you have time for and that you truly care about.


I promise you — there really are enough hours in a day for everything you’d like to do, but it may take a bit of rearranging to find these. And if those extra hours allowed you to spend more time doing what you love with people you adore wouldn’t that be worth it? Be open to opportunity. Get to know yourself. Embrace your passions.