KICK 14 HOUR DAYS TO THE CURB. And Get Some Support Already.

Be honest. Do you ever feel like there’s too much to do and too little time?

Are you spending the majority of your day putting out fires instead of being front and center in growing your business? 

 You’re not alone. 

 Thinking you can do it all by yourself is one of the biggest mistakes one can make.

Back in my corporate days; there were oodles of subject matter experts to work with and I had a team! So, when I started down the entrepreneurial path; the whole, do everything myself thing was a bit of a shock to say the least. But, spoiler alert- as it turns out I’m not awesome at everything. Not by a long shot and when I decided that I was in this for the long haul; i jumped on the outsourcing bandwagon pretty darn quick.

Technology advances have made outsourcing a lot more accessible to businesses of ALL sizes. When you outsource the right business processes and focus your time and strengths on the right activities, you’ll be able to start to scale and grow in ways that you never could on your own.

So, what can you outsource and where to begin?


1.      Take stock of what your strengths and weaknesses are.

A great place to start is here. Of course you will excel in some areas and not so much in others. Likely what you’re exceptional at is the reason why you started this business in the first place. But all the other facets of running the business shouldn’t necessarily be done by you. If you treat all tasks and processes equally, you’ll spend too much time working in your business and not enough time working on your business.Time is money folks.


2.      Outsource your weaknesses to subject matter experts.

Consider outsourcing those areas where you struggle. What takes you a large amount of time to do, is quick for someone who is specialized in this area (not to mention reduces a large amount of risk). Tasks that demand specific knowledge, such as legal, IT support, and finance can be successfully outsourced to external providers with the right set of skills. And did you know that studies show small business owners can spend up to 33 hours a week on marketing efforts? This online digital marketing world feels like it changes daily. All business owners now have access to extremely qualified professionals from all over the world and technology has also made it possible for you to find contractors and freelancers such as upwork and freelancer with a simple search on the web.


3.     Highly specific/executive tasks– Your business might not need (or be in the financial situation) for someone with C-level expertise, such as a CFO or a COO, to work with you in a full-time capacity. However, you can outsource this as necessary to give you some support and guidance that you’re heading in the right direction. This can be found in the form of mentors, coaches, consultants and advisors that are strategic partners with you versus project or task driven subject matter experts.


4.      Get rid of repetitive tasks – These are tasks that don’t demand a lot of specific knowledge but take up an exorbitant amount of time:  data entry, inventory, accounts payable/receivable, calendar management etc. You need to focus on your core processes to grow your business and when you hire a virtual assistant, you’re paying only for the hours in which the tasks are being handled and you can eliminate a lot of wasted time spent on emails, appointment-setting and other repetitive tasks. Dreamy right?


So when should you start?

This isn’t an easy answer; it requires some reflection on your part.  But if you feel the growth has been stunted or the support you require is outside of your subject matter expertise, start investigating outsourcing as a possibility right away. You can start slow and grow as required. That tipping point will come when you evaluate how often you’re utilizing your contracted support and what your growth plans for the future are.

Outsourcing things that would otherwise take too much time IS the solution to that problem and it may be time to get some support around here.

 How do you plan to utilize outsourcing to scale your business?

Angela Braun