THE ART OF THE WIN- Why Celebrating Success Causes Them to Multiply

What happens when you experience a win? Do you ignore it and keep working toward the next goal without any acknowledgement?  Do you push it aside because there’s just no time to stop and reflect?

In our non-stop, 24-7 world, it’s common to move on to the next big thing, but celebrating your wins is important not only for you, but helps you level up and tap into your inner CEO in the following ways:

1) Reminds you of your why

It’s all too easy to forget why a goal was important, but forgetting it removes all meaning from the goal to begin with. And if you don’t connect to the small wins you may lose sight of how they lead into the big wins. 

2) It helps to build momentum 

When you celebrate a success, it reminds you how doable it is and how close you are to achieving even greater goals. All of your accomplishments are important to notice and celebrate in some way.  This builds on your enthusiasm and bumps up your motivation. 

3) Create a mindset for future success  

 If you fear failure, and most people do, adding mini celebrations helps you to associate your wins to joy. Did you know it only takes 20 seconds of feeling a positive emotion to rewire the neural-pathways in your brain? Think about that- if you give yourself even 3 minutes to celebrate, you can literally reprogram your mindset to see new challenges positively.

 Where to Start:

  •  Take a look at all the tangible progress you’ve made. Evaluating what worked well and what didn’t; will make all the difference in whether you’re able to multiply your success in the next chapter.

  •  Write it down in a journal.  By writing about it, you're reliving it and it imprints the feeling of success and accomplishment into your mind and your body.  The more you do this, the more inspired you feel to keep going. 

  • Tell a supportive friend about it.  Sharing it with people who want the best for you adds to your feeling of accomplishment.

imagine that? Just stopping to give yourself a pat on the back for your wins- leads to more wins…

So how do you plan on celebrating?