FINDING YOUR PURPOSE- What do curiosity, musical recorders and big people pants have in common?

I’ve had a few conversations as of late about purpose. And if you so desire to google search this, you will find a million ways on how to discover your purpose in life. 

Now there seems to be a couple of definitions on purpose that have sparked some interesting debates. One being that purpose is the way in which you live your life. Bravery, authenticity and gratitude to name a few. 
This will come down to the decisions you make and how your values shape your decisions. 

The other definition of purpose is finding what you were put on this planet to do. 
The latter can be a little more challenging as it can create a feeling of inadequacy if we aren’t sure what our path is meant to be. But what if I suggested that this could be a journey and not necessarily a destination? That as we grow and develop, as opportunities present themselves or unforeseeable obstacles arise, that our purpose might shift and change right along with us. If purpose is the journey versus the destination, then that suggests it’s okay to not know what it is right this minute.

So how do we begin our journey?

Follow curiosity. If you are curious about something, why not explore and try something new? Best case scenario you discover something new about yourself. Worst case scenario you decide it’s not a fit. But I would still suggest that in taking the leap; you have the ability to meet new people or have experiences that might spark something that you weren’t aware of previously. 
Either way, at least you will know. The whole adage of better to try than not try at all right?

Engage in passion projects. Passion doesn’t always need to lead to purpose, but it can bring joy and joy can lead to inspiration. 
I personally am passionate about music but the last musical instrument I played was the recorder in grade 7 and I can’t sing to save my soul. 
That doesn’t mean that music isn’t a passion I pursue. It’s around me all the time. I have a playlist for every occasion of my life and I often plan my experiences and travel around favourite bands I want to see. This isn’t a profitable endeavor, but is a part of who I am and provides a creative outlet in which I find inspiration. 

What scares you- in a good way. What do you want to do but refrain from doing because you’re scared? Now I don’t mean scared, like afraid for your life, scared. I mean scared in a good way. It makes you feel uncomfortable, uncertain but a little excited all at the same time.

Visibility, fear of failure or what others think of you don’t count. I’m not suggesting that’s easy, but if that’s what holding you back; it’s time to put on your big people pants and try it anyways because chances are you’re actually avoiding something you truly care about.

If purpose is a journey, then why not pack a lunch and take a trip down the unbeaten path to discovery. All in all, it’s time to explore and find joy in the process. You never know; it just might spark something that you weren’t aware of. And at the very least creates a life of interesting and exciting adventures that makes you uniquely you.