Master My Business - Payment Plan

Master My Business - Payment Plan


Do you run your own business? Lead a team? Looking to grow?

You want to spend more time on your business versus in your business, but feel guilt when you do things like go to the gym or stop to have lunch. You know should have support and systems in place but where do you even start?

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  • In control of your calendar -you have time for YOU and your business

  • Quicker, stronger decisions with clarity

  • Identify the money-making activities to focus on and explore the money mindset for growth

  • Building structure in your business and it feels streamlined- no more throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks

  • Leveraging your team’s strengths so you can focus on the being the CEO

  • Having personalized attention and eyes on your business

  • Desire to have a mix of both strategy/systems support in your business without compromising your creative genius

  • Having an accountability partner- specific and actionable tasks to be completed weekly

  • Are a creative service based entrepreneur who is committed to scaling your business while still having the lifestyle you desire


We will work closely over a three-month period. You will get weekly one-on-one calls, email support and the tools and templates to support you scale for success in these areas:

  • State of Affairs- Clarity on where your business is performing today and what challenges need to be addressed

  • The Visionary Founder- Defining a strategic road map for your business AND how that fits into the lifestyle you desire

  • Minding the Gap- Gap analysis; what areas need focus and structure

  • Make friends with structure and systems - Choosing processes and systems to support your business and streamline, streamline, streamline

  • Getting Real on Support- Team assessment now and for the future

  • Show me the Money- Deep dive on revenue/ expenses and profit margins and how to systemize marketing

  • Frenzy to Freedom- Create a focused 90 day customized action plan based on clearly honed priorities

  • Measure your Success- Everything has a number- measure, pivot and celebrate your successful results