Maximize My Time- Intensive

Maximize My Time- Intensive


 Lost time, not enough time, managing time; it seems were always in a constant battle with time!  This leads to overwhelm and the sense that we’re shortchanging one priority for another.

The truth is that time is the greatest equalizer in life.  So if you need a plan and you need it now; let’s work together to get your strategy finalized and ready for inspired action today.

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  • State of Affairs - Clarity on where your business is performing today and what obstacles are getting in your way

  • The Focused Founder- Designed strategic vision for your business

  • Minding the Gap- Gap analysis; how to get from Point A to Point B with clarity

  • Visionary Road Map - All elements we design together on the day will be transformed into a strategic blueprint for you to own and begin implementation

  • Luxury Lunch- A 60 minute lunch break to allow you to further reflect on your business or a working lunch- your choice (in person only)


  • In-depth pre-coaching packet so that I can learn your background and get a comprehensive start so we can maximize our time together

  • A one-day session (six hours in person or two, 3-hour meetings via Zoom) in a private location

  • Ongoing support via email for 7 days following our day together