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Introducing the Seven Step Framework for the Successful Startup


Harnessing the Power of Your Inner CEO- From Employee to Entrepreneur

What made you successful in corporate is not necessarily going to turn you into a successful business owner. There is a different mindset required to go down the path of the unknown. 

 In Your Inner CEO, we will:

  • Look at your vision, values and priorities

  • Take a hard look at identity, beliefs, attitudes and habits for success

  • We will look at money mindset- it’s a thing


Craft Your Ideal Schedule- Making Your Time Work for You

This comes down to two things: test the market or plan the exit. 

What I mean by this is if you’re trying a business on for size, its best for you to test the waters to see if this is a fit for you. If you’re certain what you want to do, its time to ensure you can build the business while holding a full-time job. This means that taking control of your schedule and making time work for you is instrumental. 

In this module we will look at:

  • Work/ life boundaries

  • Your Ideal Schedule

  • Habits that support you



Your Business Model- Being the Architect of Your Business

What kind of business do you want? Are you a personal thought leader, an agency?

What structure do you want and what do you need (business basics) to get this dream off the ground?

 In this module we will look at:

  • B2B versus B2C

  • Professional versus personal brand

  • The financial foundation

  • Legal basics

  • Tech requirements


Your Ideal Client- Who do you Want to Serve? You get to Choose

This is essential to business success. You must learn to speak to one versus many. 

People need to connect to build the like/ know/ trust factor and if they don’t feel heard or seen; it doesn’t matter what your message is.

 In this module we will look at:

  • What you offer and who it will benefit

  • Test the market

  • Build your ideal client/ avatar



Your Aligned Offers- Create a Value Based Offering

If you don’t want to trade dollars for hours, this is where we discover the ins and outs of creating and packaging content so your people feel incredibly well-served.

 In this module we will look at:

  • The difference between features and benefits

  • Packaging services versus selling hours


Your Financial Blueprint- Your Financial Freedom Strategy

Welcome to the exit strategy. This is where we will plan what you need to feel comfortable in stepping into the business of your dreams full time. 

   In this module we will:

  • Assess what your exit strategy break even is

  • Build your business budget (expenses, anticipated revenue and potential profit margin)



Your Marketing Advantage – What Makes You Different and How to Leverage It

Time to have some fun and get paid to be you. 

In this module we will:

  • Your brand story and identity

  • Look at high touch, medium touch and low touch marketing

  • How to reach your clients- what mediums to us

  • Bonus- Your marketing collateral tool kit

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